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Of course, drinking beer is the most fun, and sometimes most extreme, sport there is. But we also know that being in top-shape is very important in order to consume as much alcohol as possible. After all, why else would you physically exhaust yourself, other than replacing your sweat with your favourite drink? That’s why all of our members have such divine bodies with a well-trained stomach ready for our next work-out in De Boekanier!

Let me introduce this year’s perfect mixture of sporty and drinky people in the SportCom’s first lustrum year:

First of, we have Ivo. He currently holds the record for most drinking while underaged, he even got kicked out of the Boeka for it. If there’s some beer near, don’t race him for it: we can guarantee you, you will lose. The reason he is this fast, is because he had to run away real quickly after setting off the fire alarm in a prehistoric village once. Legend has it that people didn’t even see him, they only saw a flash of light heading to the nearest pub. Ivo is our Chef BaCo and will lead us to our victory

Next up, we have Lisanne. This lovely girl is a real team player and always ready to drink. It’s her lifelong goal to drink 5000 different kinds of beer. She has her priorities set straight: one time she had a match on Sunday, while being half hungover, half still drunk. Instead of a regular throw-in, she took the ball and threw it outside the field. Surely, we can use her creativity...?

Our treasurer of this year Maik. He used to be very sporty, but then he one time dislocated his finger during a soccer match when he tripped over his own feet. Out of self-protection, he nowadays doesn’t allow himself to play for longer than 4 minutes without being substituted. No, this has nothing to do with his endurance!

Then it’s time for one of the most important functions in our committee: the Chef Drinks. Since organising the best drinks is such an important task, we have two Chef Drinks!

Our first Chef Drinks is Milou. This girl is really athletic: she has done a lot of triathlons, so she’s practically good at any sport. We like to think of her as the embodiment of our committee. Last year, she also started playing waterpolo. So far that hasn’t been as quite successful: in her second match, she was already left with a black eye. But, luckily for us, she promised us that the drinks will be more of a success.

Our second Chef Drinks is Jari. He will make sure that our bodies won’t look too good at the end of the year by organising the most fun and creative drinks of POLIS this year. If you’re looking for a good time, and trust us, it will be a good time, he (or Milou) is the one to contact! Fun fact about Jari: he one time scored a 20 meter own goal, when hitting the ball really hard in the wrong direction by accident. So, you never really know what to expect with him: be prepared when drinking with us!

Then it’s time for our Michelle, our PR-officer. This sweet girl loves to dance and party, that’s why she is not only an active member at POLIS, but also at Vidar. If you want to have a great night out, she’s your girl. Especially if you make her some delicious risotto first, it’s her favourite meal.

Besides all these experienced students, we also have a freshmen in our committee: the lovely Jin. She might be a first year student, but don’t be surprised if you see her dancing until 4am, twice a week.  Jin took on the challenging task of being a secretary. We are very confident that she will do a great job. After all, what’s a challenge if you have been a national gymnastics champion for four times, and even worked with Epke Zonderland?

Our beloved coordinator of this year is Dominic. He is the fittest guy you will ever see. He basically sets the standard we would all like to live up to one day. If you don't know where to find him just have a look in the gym. After all, he did workout once. Next to that, he does like to do things that you don't have to put too much effort in. Bingewatching is one of his favourite sports, and, we have to hand it to him, he’s pretty good at it.

Like any good team, the SportCom needs a good captain. That’s why I’m not really sure why they chose me, Lucas, as their chairman. But great people make their leader great, so following that logic, we’re all good to go. I’m really excited for this year and I hope you are too! See you at our events!

Cheers from the SportCom 5.0!

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