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After finding out that POLIS had a SportCom, I was pleasantly surprised, because students and sports in one event? But legends say that if you provide them with beer, a POLIS member will go (almost) everywhere. So that’s what will be our mission for this year: Make POLIS fit again!

Up next I will introduce this years to-be-champions of the SportCom:

First, there is my right hand Jort. As the secretary of this committee he keeps track of every meeting and makes sure that the absent ones keep up with the rest. Speaking about keeping up… Did you know that a very long time ago Jort was able to run the 5000 meters in under 20 minutes. Eliud Kipchoge eat your heart out!

Next up there is the best chef borrel a committee can wish for: Rob (Driesprong). Although Rob may not be the fastest runner, or the best bench presser, no one can keep up with this guy’s drinking skills. 

Then we have our beloved chef BaCo, Lisa. I have full faith that she will make sure that on SuperTuesday our committee will be crowned this years BaCo winners. If you say Lisa, you say party, because damn… this girl can party. But the music doesn’t stop at the party for Lisa, if you want to get this girl to sleep, you still have to give her, her music.

Now let me introduce you to one of the two powerhouses of this committee. If it is not up to a POLIS party, you will find our PR officer in the gym. Of course, I am talking about Nard. Technically speaking Nard can be categorised under POLIS’ international sporters. Why you may ask? Nard played rugby in Ireland for half a year and won the infamous Limerick Derby during that period!

Next up we have our two treasurers. Together Sjoerd and Alissa will keep track of the money and make sure that we don’t spend it all on beer. Sjoerd is a true winner when it comes to sports. He won the club championship in cycling not once, not twice, but three times! Besides that he also won an international football tournament, so keep your legs closed when you face Sjoerd during the Futsal. 

Alissa is one of our freshmen this year. This sweet girl used to live in South-Africa until she was 13 and she still speaks Afrikaans at home. When it comes to sports, this girl is all about dancing, you name your dance style and she can do it! Oh and if you find Alissa sleeping at a party, don’t be surprised, she can literally sleep anywhere!

Mandy is our most experienced POLIS member. Because of her experience she sadly goes on exchange for the second semester, but told us not to worry, because she will be back before the Sportcom’s showpiece: SuperTuesday. 

The second powerhouse, and also coordinator, I want to introduce is Django. Everyone knows Django from his gains and drinking capabilities (not to be confused with Rob), but this guy used to be a world class judoka. When Django was a little kid (no he was not always this ripped), he won the Benelux judo championship for his weight class.

Of course every team needs their trainer to monitor the teams achievements. I, Laurens, am proud to be able to say that I am this years chairman of the SportCom. During my weekends, I travel the country to referee and manage games, but managing a committee is another biscuit. But together with this team we will turn every event into something epic!

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