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It is with honour that I present to you the 7 amazing people that are going to bring you the Mexico trip of your lifetime. And there's also me.

Starting off with András (you should call him Andrew if you can't pronounce his name)(PR). He's quite the musical man: he's played the clarinet in a national youth orchestra for 7 years, and is a professional dancer in a folk dance team for 8 years.

Then we have Julia (Chief Drinks). This happy girl absolutely loves Marco Borsato. When she was 9 she had the choice of going to a concert or musical. Instead of going to some show about House Anubis, she chose Marco Borsato. Even now, the best way to make her happy is by putting on "ik leef niet meer voor jou".

Next up, Marinka (PR)! As all of us, if she were only allowed to eat one thing for the rest of her life, she would pick BBQ chicken pizza. Furthermore, she's moved places 8 times in her life.

Then there's our resident German Koen (Vice-Chairman)! He hasn't missed an Oktoberfest party in Germany for the last 5 years!

Then we have Jaap (Secretary)! This ex-Olof boy has once spent 3 hours being used as a table for a meeting of his Olof committee. As such, that has become a severe possible punishment within the STiP committee.

Lastly, we have our international oldheads Zofia (Treasurer) and Emily (Board coordinator). They couldn't be bothered sending me some fun facts, so that should tell you enough. **Editor’s note** It is not that we could not be bothered, it is that we believed that our long friendship and many nights out with you, Josse, have provided you with many fun facts and stories to add in this description. 

But besides being busy with other tasks, their experience in POLIS has proven valuable when organizing this trip. 

And of course there's me, Josse, your STiP chairman! 

All I have to say is: I love Hong Kong!


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