Study trip committee | STIP

First, we start with the member that we will probably need the most this year, Marloes Joosen, our secretary. And man I’m glad she is, without her the minutes would be a complete mess. She keeps everybody up to date and reminds the committee and me of our jobs.

Next up is Stephanie Kouwenberg, our treasurer of this year. Stephanie is so devoted that she is even following an extra HBO course next to her GMSI bachelor, all that trouble just so that she can be an even better treasurer. We love her for it! Next to being one of our biggest party girls, she is very diligent and on top of every little detail.

Karin Pullen is one of the freshman’s in our committee. Her role this year will be the chef of our famous pubs. Karin is the kindest person I have ever met, but don’t let her sweetness fool you she is a definite man eater at heart.

Fleur Hasebos is the kind of person that seems very polite and quiet, but once you get to know her you will also get to know her creative and active side. Fleur is a part of the public relations super team or as I like to call it the dynamic duo of this year.

The best chef drink, according to the POLIS board, Tom van Dijk! Tom is that guy that will never let an awkward silence go by, he will quite literally talk your ears of. Ladies if you ever see him at the Boeka, don’t be shy to go and say hi to witness his sexy moves.

Laurens Maas is our next dear member of the committee. This year, together with Fleur, Laurens will a part of the public relations dynamic duo. Laurens is the best powerpoint maker in this whole wide world, especially when he gets excited about the theme.

Our coordinator of this year is nobody less than the lovely an extremely adorable Anouk Keiren, her presence in our committee is of great value. She guides us in any way she can and her knowledge in finance and POLIS makes her indisposable!

Lastly I finally get to introduce myself. I am Marijana Jovanovic and I get to be the chairman of this wonderful committee. Besides dancing at the Boeka and enjoying committee drinks with this committee, I am confident that we will organize a legen… wait for it -dary study trip!

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