Extended Master Organisation Studies
The Extended Master Organisation Studies will be offered again in 2013-2014 for about 30 to 40 students. Students who are admitted to the Master Organization Studies (i.e. completed the bachelor program or the premaster program) can apply for the Extended Master Organization Studies, which takes 18 months.

The Extended Master combines academic education and scientific research during the Master’s thesis trajectory with in-depth work experience in an organization to an extent that is not possible in the one-year Master’s program.

In the first semester, students follow the same courses as the regular Master’s program. In the second and third semester of the Extended Master, students follow a junior traineeship in one of the partner organizations of the Department of Organization Studies. During the junior traineeship, students spend an average of 50% of the week on their Master’s thesis research. The other half of the week, students carry out (project) activities for the partner organization. Students thereby become acquainted with different stages and aspects of the consultancy process (as either an external or an internal consultant, dealing with processes of organization change and development), and add a year of real working experience to their CV.
The Extended Master Organization Studies:

  • broadens the students’ knowledge of organizational life;
  • broadens the empirical basis of the students’ Master’s thesis, helping to implement theoretically-based research questions in a practical way;
  • acquaints students with practical situations in which they have to apply scientific theories and methods to resolve practical problems;
  • broadens the knowledge of students who would like to enter the field of consultancy;
  • supports the transition from an academic program to a professional career.

For more information about the Extended Master Organization Studies, please have a look at the document Extended Master Organization Studies, in which the organizational setup and application procedure is explained. In addition, students can look at the profiles of the participating partner organizations here. New partner organizations are currently being recruited and the overview will be updated when new partnerships have been agreed upon.