Master Organisation Studies.
The Master in Organization Studies provides you with a critical understanding of organizational behavior and its theoretical foundations, with a specific focus on organizational complexity and dynamics. It is designed for those seeking a sound theoretical basis in organization studies, a deeper level of understanding about how organizations deal with complexity and dynamics and an advanced level study that will generate transferable skills and facilitate employment in a great variety of organizations.

The Master’s program focuses on two central organizational concepts: complexity and dynamics. Complexity is one of the key contemporary organizational issues. Individuals, groups, organizations and networks are embedded in complex webs of interdependent relations which can be of social, institutional or economic character. Dealing appropriately with complex relations is crucial for the good functioning of organizations and cooperations.

The concept of dynamics refers to environmental changes that influence the choice of organizing processes and organizational forms and strategies. How organizations deal with these dynamic changes has a considerable influence on the way they function. Therefore, the central question is how organizations can handle these complexities and dynamics within the organization and organizational networks.

Career perspective
Students who graduate in Organization Studies at Tilburg University have good career opportunities. In a society where changes follow changes ever more rapidly, organizations need people who have knowledge and a deeper understanding about organizations and organizing, and who can research and analyze problems in organisations and the way these problems are interconnected.