Research Master

Are you an excellent student and interested in conducting scientific research in the social and behavioral sciences? Then this is the Master program for you! The Research Master’s program provides talented young researchers from all over the world with the tools they need to conduct fundamental scientific research in the field of social and behavioral sciences.

Our Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences is unique in the Netherlands, offering an interdisciplinary approach by integrating the different perspectives offered by social psychology, sociology, organization sciences and methodology to the study of human social behavior.

During this two-year English taught Master of Science program, you will follow state-of-the-art courses, led by the best researchers in the field. You will be involved hands-on in their research area, actively participating in innovative projects and internships.

This Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences offers one major in Individual in Social Context and a choice from one of three minors in:

  1. Social Psychology
  2. Social Sciences
  3. Methodology and Statistics

The program is challenging and intensive. For that reason, the number of places available on this program is limited to 30, ensuring that only talented applicants, with strong analytical skills, a good academic record, and with a strong motivation for scientific research, are successful. Does this describe you? If so, click here to see whether you meet our requirements and for further information about the application process.

The major Individual in Social Context focuses on individual behavior in three types of social contexts; social psychology, sociology, and organization studies. Each context is studied separately, but also in connection to the other contexts.

The three contexts are studied in three different content courses, each of which take one context as its focus and relates it to the other two, and two methodology courses, which connect the contexts and studies them from both from a content perspective and a methodological perspective. In addition, the major also offers two statistics courses and a skills course; writing of scientific articles and presenting research. See the the link Major in Social and Behavioral Sciences for the program structure.

In their first year, all students start with the major Individual in Social Context. They choose one of the three minors at the moment of application