The Human Library: Alumni Edition

Do you want to discover your future? Join our Alumni Library on the 5th of March at 19:15 at Esplanade!

Multiple former OS and GMSI students who are currently working or doing something extra during their master program will be there. They will tell you all about their professional career paths and also explain to you what extracurricular activities they did during and after their studies, that have shaped them into the persons they are now! Each alumnus will have a designated spot and you are free to walk around to tap into all of their unique stories. Afterwards a professor will explain the link between the workfield and the stories of the alumni with our current studies.

So come and join us to explore what might be your future! Please sign up through the webshop ( or in the POLIS office. It’s only €3,- per person for which you will get two drinks!

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