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I am proud to announce the incoming Yearbook Committee! This committee is motivated and ready to take on the challenge! Get ready for….

Have you ever seen an Instagram more satisfying than Alicia’s? With her bubbly personality and spot on pastel color aesthetic, there is no one better suited as our Public Relations manager. Our German gal brings an atmosphere of optimism and creativity, which the Yearbook Com is grateful for.

If you need a good laugh, then look no further than for Aleksandra. Known as Ola (as they say it in Poland) to the committee members, she is our fearless Treasurer. Her graphic design skills puts everyone to shame as she puts the time and effort into everything she does. A true hard worker, she does not hesitate to help or volunteer to do something. 

There is no one I know who makes the hidden word in the minutes to be a hunting sport than Marc. His work and dedication as Secretary AND Chief of BaCo gets the committee united and proudly represents us at every committee drink. He is caring and our resident pun master, so watch out for any puns put in the yearbook! You’ll know they’re his. 

We could not have asked for a better coordinator than our very best Emma. We don’t need to ask her to know that we are by far her favorite committee. She inspires us with her astute mannerism and cool attitude. Our oldest member and Co-Mom of the committee, she knows how to have a good time at every party and makes sure we are all doing well in and outside of POLIS. 

Lastly, this year’s Yearbook Committee Chairwoman/Co-Mom/Chief of Drinks is me, Ana. You might’ve seen me pop in and out last year at certain POLIS events as a semi-active member from ChariCie. This year, however, it is my intention to bring to POLIS an almanac that is full to the brim with members’ experience, moments and all the great times that they spent at every activity.

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